Friday, April 25, 2008

Yay for a Long Weekend!

It's so good having an extra day in the weekend. What's more, it's a stunner out there today. The sun is shining and it's the perfect day for a run. So why wait for Saturday - let's do it today instead. Just one little glitch - having run hard yesterday afternoon and consistently the day before it felt just a tad more difficult than I anticipated. However, I'm so glad I ran my long run today cos it means I have a rest day tomorrow before the Vets' Handicap on Sunday. Besides the forecast for the rest of the weekend is COLD! And so I ran from home round Lake G (where everyone and their dog and child and stroller and bike was out and about and at times it was a bit of an obstacle course!) Then on towards Gungahlin before turning and heading for home. This course is mainly on cycle tracks although I tend to head for grassy verges to prevent injury but as my long runs become longer I may head back off-road to some nice little undulating tracks - hmmm, we'll see.

Distance: 24.01km
Time taken: 2:21:30
Average pace per km: 5:53
Calories burned: 1412

Total distance for week: 56.34km


  1. Great day out today. Your average km pace was way faster than mine, so, can I get some tips from you. As well, if you are going off-road, a little undulating, I know a bit about it, we can swap notes.

  2. Wow! You've recovered so strongly from your injury. It's wonderful to say - and get back on the trails. You know you want to :-)

    BTW I'm sure I'll be in Canberra before then but I'm definitely coming down for the Bush Capital marathon!

  3. You did well! Enjoy your day off, and see you tomorrow - plenty of off-road for that one :)

  4. Sounds like a great run. I did Lake G this morning in what felt like exceedingly tough conditions - but then again I can still really count myself as a queenslander for another few weeks.
    Sounds like yours was a great run.