Monday, April 07, 2008

Parliament House becomes darker!

Rachelle and I arrived early enough to run about 2km warm-up before the rest of the group arrived. We both ran in our new shoes just for the warm-up but I am wondering if I should have selected half a size bigger as I can feel my toes touching the end when I run.Kathy suggested taking them back to the shop when she is working tomorrow and just checking the next size up for comparison. Better to be safe than sorry!
This evening's session after the warm-up loop and a half was the same as last week. 950m undulating repeats with slow recovery runs of the same distance between each one. Then another warm-down loop.
Distance: 10.5km (including extra warm-up at start)
Calories burned: 430
With daylight saving ended the sun sets much earlier and we were running our last warm down loop in darkness. Looks like I may have to hunt out my headlamp!


  1. I always buy shoes half a size bigger, that way you can wear thicker socks if necessary and more importantly, when running down hill, your toes don't push on the front of the shoes therefore, no black toe nails.

  2. Lucky Spody didn't tread on them like he was trying to do!

  3. Mango said to say thankyou so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog the other day. It really meant alot to him