Monday, April 14, 2008

But wait there's more - photos galore!

Charlie running under blue sky - LL being relieved of her running chip after the marathon

the 'toasties', speedygeoff & ewen

CJ & Charlie - all smiles
Thea running in the rain - still not warm enough to remove her jacket

Some of the supporting speedygeese- strewth, Rachelle, PRB & Ewen make speedycoach look smug!

Monday morning - RPM/cycle - 45mins class at 6.15am
5.30pm - speedygeoff's training at PH
Distance: 10km
Calories burned: 594
Warm up loop of PH followed by shorter warm-up loop then main set consisting of 3 x 950m fast interspersed with 2 x 950m slow. This week I actually managed to fit in all three fast 950m so was pleased about that. Then we had a warm down loop weaving in and out the dark tracks. It was difficult to see and annoyingly, I remembered to take my headlight but left it in the car! It was mind boggling to note that after the marathon the day before speedygeoff still took our session and Gary even ran an extra km with me to collect my long sleeved top which I had left at the start of our main set. They have both recovered so impressively - obviously doing the right training!
Tomorrow I will publish some more marathon photos. I have a few!


  1. i suppose you think putting me in some of your photos makes everyone else look good by comparison?

  2. ... although i should commend you on developing computer skills as a poster of photos. And great photography, one day you must show me how to take such good photos.

  3. Great photos. Sorry not to have caught up properly at the weekend. I missed you at the end of the 10kms and had my hands full looking after Steve on Sunday. I had to steer him back to the hotel and get him in the shower before we had to check out!

  4. That's a great one of CJ and Charlie - not a bloody knee in sight!

    A few more? You mean you're going to show us the really ugly one of Speedygeoff you were raving about at training on Monday?

  5. only one really ugly one? that's me you're talking about ewen. i will write home about it if there are any not-ugly ones. fat chance!