Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back to the Oval

Tonight was quite a fun session at Dickson Oval but it was very tough and definitely outside my comfort zone which was the requirement for my training session. Quite a few people who hadn't been at sessions since last year turned up tonight. It was great to catch up.
We ran a couple of loops of the oval to start and the main set was done as one big relay with four people passing batons after fast 200m sprints while some of us tried to keep up with them before they passed the batons and jogged for 100m. In other words it was similar to last week's session in that we sprinted for 200m, jogged for 100m and repeated this 12 times. However, I had to really run fast to try to keep my partner in sight let alone keep up with him - good fun though, at least I can say that afterwards! We finished with another loop of the oval.
Total distance: 7km
Calories burned: 410

Roger running at the half-way point of the marathon and CJ on the home straight


  1. what do i notice right off? cj matches her shoes to her outfits. can't you see it?

    good to catch up. see you at the gc!

  2. Strewth, nothing crazy about me, it's just what is needed to get thru the next important event. Being able to back the next day is more important. No point pushing, it's only a training run, and don't get injured or sick.
    Great photos from the marathon.

  3. You had to run really fast? You mean, faster than Wednesday? Wow!

    How come CJ hasn't blogged about her marathon? There have been 100s of photos, but no words!