Monday, April 21, 2008

Glad to have a headlamp!

This morning I went to the spin class at the gym for 45mins of highly aerobic cycling. Tonight it was speedygeoff's (in absentia) session at Parliament House. It was the same as last week in that we ran a warm-up loop of PH and another half a loop before starting the main session which consisted of:
3 x 950m with the same amount of distance run gently in between each set.
We finished off with a warm down loop back to the start.
Total distance: 8.25km
Calories burned: 825
Fortunately this time I remembered to use my headlamp. It certainly helped to see a little on those dark curling paths weaving in and out.


  1. We followed your light so we wouldn't crash into the scrubbery.

    "Gentle 950s in between"?! How come Yelena and I had to take short-cuts to keep up with you on your gentle runs?

  2. Hi!!
    I am looking forward to getting down to canberra! But I'm thinking that I am going to go and buy some warmer clothes for running in. And perhaps a head lamp it seems.

    Sounds like a fun session. I'll be in Canberra next week and I may come along to either the parliament house speedwork or the Dickson oval session. Not sure on the schedule that the family have outlined for me just yet.

    I am looking forward to it all though!