Sunday, April 13, 2008

Canberra Marathon Weekend!

Saturday - Marathon Eve
Today Rachelle and I decided to put in a late entry and run the 10km marathon eve run. At least this way we could feel part of this awesome weekend. It is rather a boring course, spectator friendly but mainly flat and on hard concrete and looped round and round and round - hmmm. This was a first for me, quite different from running the marathon but the cheering was fantastic and there was still a big buzz in seeing those familiar faces out there and hearing my name called out - thanks guys. It does help!
Distance: 10km
Time taken: 54:20
Average pace per km: 5:19
I was quite happy with that as I haven't run a 10km race for ages. I may run the Mothers Day one just to attempt to improve my time! Rachelle ran a PB of 47:20 so was very happy with that - awesome!

And today, Sunday, was marathon day. What a day. The race started in the rain - a gentle drizzle followed by a steady downfall for an hour or so before the sun decided to push its way through the clouds and slowly there was some warmth out there. I have now discovered that being a spectator can be very exhausting and very exciting all at once. A group of us ran to the 5km mark, cheering loudly at PH, then on to the 8km mark for more cheering, before running on to visit Katy and Mark in their stunning selection of cheer squad gear in a sheltered spot under the bridge. They are so amazing with their fantastic and original outfits which they changed regularly to brighten the runners' day and lift their spirits. Originally Mark was to be a pace marker but he became injured and unfortunately had to pull out of the run. That didn't stop these awesome Queenslanders from getting into the spirit of the event and making everyone else's day much more fun.

We ran on to the halfway point where we had a great view of our running buddies - so many familiar faces out there, so many smiles, so much pain. Then back to the finish so that we were in time to cheer in the winner and all our awesome running friends and speedygeese and stay cheering on our favourite W75 - Luckylegs, looking amazing and strong at 5:35 and Caroline after her 50km finishing in a hail storm! Well done CJ, Charlie, speedygeoff, Griffin (who is now officially a Griffin), LL, Caroline, Roger and Thea on her debut marathon. Woo hoo, the speedygeese rule - we are the champions! Long live the speedygeese!
The awsome Lucklegs looking fresh as a daisy at the finish and Thea happy to finish her debut marathon!

Griffin becomes a "Griffin" with big smiles from Mrs Griffin!


  1. Congrats on the great time during the 10k; glad you enjoyed the cheering :-)

    Sorry we didn't otherwise get to catch up. However R & I should be back in Canberra in about 2 months so hopefully we can catch up then

  2. loved catching up with the cranberries.

    great fun this weekend. see you in july!

    by the way, i suggest you not run in sequins. those devils scratch your arms.

  3. Great photos Strewthy. I knew I didn't need to carry a camera on the run.

  4. Strewthy,

    You looked gorgeous in your lovely pink outfit whilst running the 10km...

    At last, you are back up and running, WooHoo, bring on the Gold Coast Marathon !

    Thanks once again for your cheering and well wishing, and a special thanks for the lovely photo of Pat (Mrs GRIFFIN).

    See you tonight at PH with the rest of the speedygeese :o)

    Yours in Running Writing

    Gary GRIFFIN Bowen

  5. Dear Ruth.Thank you so much for your support and smiling face on race makes it such a happy event..the photos are fantastic!! Great run on Saturday and Gary is right you look fab in your gear.Charlie

  6. It was fun cheering for you in the 10k, and your many "twin sisters" in the marathon.

    Great photos! Everyone is looking happy, cool, and not ugly :)