Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Trying out the New Shoes!

Yesterday at lunchtime I replaced my shoes with Brookes Axiom which is what I was using before. The latest pair have purple bits and tone in quite well with the 'berry' pink running gear! I was unable to purchase a bigger size in the Mizuno and these feel comfortable although they're not quite as pretty!
After work today I met up with Ewen and we ran a middle distance run giving me a chance to run in my new shoes! We ran the East Basin and continued on through the Wetlands, past Kingston and back to the start. As we passed Molonglo we met up with Chris running in the opposite direction. He turned and ran with us back to Kings Ave at which point he returned to where his car was parked. It was lovely to run with two very tall gentlemen and I felt secure running through the unlit backblocks where I would never be brave enough to run alone.
Distance: 16km
Time taken: 1:39:13
Average pace per km: 6:12
Calories burned: 960
We were slower than last week but that could have been because we ran with extreme caution in the unlit parts as nobody wanted to turn an ankle or run in potholes. Next week we will take lights!

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  1. Excuse me! For a 3000m runner like myself, it was a long distance run!

    Only problem with your new shoes is the colour match is not quite as perfect.