Thursday, January 21, 2010

4 lap Spiral

I didn't even have time for a decent warm-up before the spiral handicap at 6pm tonight - just a few laps with speedycoach right before the start. I went off in Group 32 and Bronwyn still managed to whizz past me on the home straight off Group 43. I really tried my best but it was 33deg at that time of day and although a little breeze had started I still felt extremely dehydrated. I couldn't stay for the 1500m tonight unfortunately as I had to dash home to relieve my friend from her babysitting duties but it was great to have the opportunity to participate even in just one event. I did race past Sheryl who was coming 2nd in the pointscore but I have a feeling that Bron will be ahead of me now as she finished 6th and I finished 8th! I have some work to do! :)
4 lap spiral (1.6km)
Time taken: 8:02 (tbc)
Average pace per km: 4:58
Handicap group: 32
Finish place: 8th

Total distance with warm-up: 3km (hardly worth recording)!


  1. Group 41 for me and I had to work hard to catch you!

    I think Sherryl started late so may not pick up any points?

  2. Now it's summer time there in Australia, so you shouldn't need a decent warm-up before the training. :)

    Have a good training.

  3. It was easier for Bronwyn - you had a target on your back ;)

    At least next time you won't have spent all day chasing after the grandchildren!