Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friends make running fun!

6.15am - RPM
7am - Abs
6pm - Run with Jen, Ewen, Andy and Richard from Parliament House. We ran down to the lake and through the wetlands aiming for as much shade as possible. It was good to catch up with Jen again as she has been out of action for a few sessions. There was a bit of wind but it was generally quite a pleasant run apart from the persistent twinges in my left hammie!
Total distance: 12km
Time taken: 1:15:35
Average pace per km: 6:18
Calories burned: 700
And later today a friend is coming over to watch the grancchildren for a short while for me so that I can defend my pointscore position in the 4 lap spiral at the track. Fingers crossed cos it will be very hot. Currently at 3.25pm it is 36deg which has already surpassed the expected high of 33deg! Ouch!


  1. Yeah, it was great that she had to finish watching the DVD before turning up - it was much cooler at 6pm ;)

    Are grancchildren better behaved than grandchildren? Good luck tonight! Go for it!

    P.S. Ha, that's funny - word verification is 'tardie'!

  2. Edit - oops - grandchildren Ewen - grandchildren - no time to check blogs when concentrating on playdough and creative artwork at the same time!!

  3. Sorry I didn't make the run after saying I would - several chores intervened, and interstate relative arrived, and the day was gone! Glad you enjoyed the training run.