Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Catching up on the Drills!

This morning before breakfast I ran to the oval in the next suburb for a drills session on a flat semi shaded area near the school. It was quiet and I felt quite comfortable looking like an idiot. One lone cyclist gave a double take but apart from a few young cyclists in the distance I was pretty much alone. I missed out the skip kicks as my hammie has been troubling me a bit but after 3 x 60m strides I did 3 each of the following Peter Magill drills with 60m strides between each set including at the finish.
  • schoolyard skipping
  • high skips
  • flat foot marching
  • carioca (left and right with the third one half of each)
  • high knees
  • butt kicks

After that I ran the 2.6km home again. It was hot but there was a little head wind on the gentle run back to the start after each drill. At least the wind was going in the right direction to benefit me.

Total distance including drills: 10km


  1. Got any bruises on your butt from the kicks. Can those short legs reach that far? Good on you for keeping those drills going, must be the teacher. I hate doing them.

  2. You adviced me those running drills two months ago and I'm trying to do them twice a month.
    But If I well remember you didn't tell me about "flat foot marching". Do you think this drilll is as important as high skips and high knees?
    Have a good training.

  3. 2F, she can reach her butt now - after being instructed how to do the drill correctly :)

    Strewth, all that practise at looking like an idiot has made you perfect (like some others I could name) ;)

  4. The perfect idiot ... hmmm .. will have to ponder that for a while ;-)