Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Drills in the afternoon

I managed to fit my drills session in this afternoon while the children were at their various activities (this babysitting business takes some organisation but it's lots of fun). It was a pleasant 25deg at 3.30pm and I headed for the oval with my hamstring taped so that I wasn't in too much discomfort.
It was about 2.6km to the starting spot and I ran my 3 x 60m strides in the semi shade of trees and did the following drills jogging back to the start each time.
3 x schoolyard skipping (60m)
3 x high skips (60m)
3 x flat foot marching (60m)
3 x carioca (left and right) (60m)
3 x high knees (50m)
3 x butt kicks (50m)
I ran 60m strides between each set.
Then I ran home again.
Total distance: 8.6km

1 comment:

  1. I'm impressed. You did well. No complaints about sore legs this arvo... and don't be late ;)