Saturday, January 02, 2010

Girl Sweat with the Boys!

This morning I joined Andy and Ewen at 7.30am for a run from Molonglo Reach. Although it was cloudy to start it was still humid and sticky. We ran part of Mt Ainslie and down to the War Memorial then on to the lake via the city before heading for the wetlands and back to Molonglo. Ewen and I ran an extra 3km towards the airport but Andy stopped at 17km. It was hot and we were slow but the company and conversation were good. We were just in time to catch up with Michelle, Cathy and the two Graemes before they left. A decision was made to head for the Portrait Gallery for coffee and something to eat where the three of us continued with good conversation and lots of fluids. It was fun!

Total distance: 21km
Time taken: 2:19:35
Average pace per km: 6:38
Calories burned: 1220

Total distance for week: 66km


  1. You forgot to mention running to "Manuka" ;)

    I only run for the conversation - and the post-run fluids!

  2. Get Ewen to bring you to Mt Tennent next time we go there. You'll love it or hate us for the rest of your life. It is fun, just don't look sideways or down or up, just watch every foot step. When you stop you admire the view, you don't get views like these from Kaleen in FNC, that's "far north Canberra".