Thursday, January 14, 2010

Woo hoo - a cool change!

Wednesday is always a big day for me and the morning was very warm as overnight we had the hottest overnight temperature in Canberra for about 40 years. At midnight last night it was still 31deg! I started my day with an RPM class at 6.15am. The fans in the room were just not enough cooling and it was dreadfully hot. At 7am I dripped my way into the bigger room for the abs class and the air conditioning felt wonderful after our hot steamy little cycling room!

Late in the afternoon the temperature dropped by about 10deg and by 6pm when I ran with Chris, Ewen, Richard and Andy it was a comfortable 23deg with an easterly wind. We ran a pleasant course from Parliament House down to the lake and on through the wetlands in the opposite direction to what we run on Saturdays. In parts the wind was a bit strong but it was just so good not to be fighting the intense heat. Unfortunately my hamstring is still being a bit of a pain and there were no records set for my pace!
Total distance: 13km
Time taken: 1:24:14
Average pace per km: 6:26

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