Monday, January 11, 2010

Hot Start to a New Week

At almost 40deg I joined Ewen and speedygeoff for the 4.30pm start for our training session. It was far too hot to run at any speed and we tried to find shady spots as we ran only 6km for our first warm up. We joined the others at Parliament House at 5.30pm when we ran another warm up before the main session which was 17 x 100m sharp hill sprints every 90secs. The hills were on the east side of PH and tougher than last week even though there was a little shade. We had a short break half way for a drink and cool face splash before resuming the session. My legs felt heavy, I was slow and it was really hot and tough. This evening I have just not been able to drink enough. I am so dehydrated.
Total distance with warm up: 13km
Calories burned: 700


  1. crazy goose...sounds too hot for me! well done...

  2. Yes, that was an evil session. Glad I bailed out after 10 hills. Just following the example of our speedychief of course ;)

    Hope the drills went well this morning.