Monday, January 04, 2010

First speedygeese session for 2010 - in the heat!

This morning I went to the gym to work on upper body strength and abs. Both areas need lots of work! Then at 4.30pm I joined Miranda, Craig, Ewen and Geoff for the early warm-up run down to the lake and to Manuka and back. It was really really hot and we cut the distance short by a km making a total of 7km for the warm-up.
We joined the other speedygeese including one new starter and a couple who haven't run with us for some time. It was good to see them again looking strong.
Our main session after our warm-up laps round Parliament House, consisted of 20 x 100m hill sprints with a jog back down to the start and restarting on 90secs. It was very hot and very hard but a great feeling to finish. I tried to be conscious of my form, concentrating on my abs and running on my toes and as tall as possible. It seemed to help a little.
Total distance for day: 15km


  1. It was apt that you wore your 'Spody' shirt. With the abs coming through it'll be just crop tops for the rest of the summer.

    Geoff said your form had improved during the session. Hills are goof for form :)

  2. You are running tall enough now, the rack can be put away.
    I agree with Ewen, I liked the Spody shirt too, can they all have one?

  3. Hey Ruth! Good job! I'll be back not next week, but the week after - lots of going away. See you then. Thanks for your lovely words on my blog.