Saturday, January 23, 2010

Second hottest January night ever in Canberra!

This meant that at 6.44am when I finally managed to run out the door it was already 27deg. At 1am it was still 31deg - that is so hot for the middle of the night!
Anyway, my run was less than ordinary. I left from home because I was on a time frame and ran to Lake Ginninderra, round the lake and back via the road to Gungahlin before turning and running home via the cycle tracks. I definitely prefer the trails to all that concrete and grassy verges. After a quick shower it was time to take the children to swimming lessons on their final day with us. It's been fun having the grandchildren stay and we will miss all those daily cuddles!
Total distance: 21.8km
Time taken: 2:18:18
Average pace per km: 6:20
Calories burned: 1283
Later in the afternoon I collected CJ and we drove into town where we met Ewen for coffee before heading to the triathlon site to meet up with Jen_Runs here from Sydney with Mango and Mini Mango for a triathlon weekend. We joined the cheersquad for Mini Mango in the enticer tri. She had an awesome sprint to the finish - great to watch and fantastic to catch up with Jen_Runs and family - a hot, but good day.


  1. No wonder I couldn't sleep!

    It was a great afternoon and coffee. Glad CJ didn't challenge me to an arm wrestle. Good to be cheering on Mini-M from under a shady tree with a cold drink!

  2. And it was nice to catch up for coffee beforehand.

  3. and Ewen, you'd probably win the arm wrestle!

  4. I have just been reading your profile miss Strewth. 38 years! We're still ahead but only just, it will be 40 this year. Twentyten will be a great year for us all. There WILL be more Canberra marathons even if there isn't one this year which is a possibility, and you WILL become a Griffin, so keep on training and running well, as you are now, and all your running dreams will be achieved before you know it.