Saturday, January 16, 2010

Juggling the Training

I struggled a bit with my hamstring in today's run from Molonglo which was a shame as apart from the nagging pain I felt fine and I'm sure I could have gone faster in normal circumstances - grrrr! The conditions were still quite humid but not unpleasant and of course the company was good. I ran mainly with Andy and Ewen. I was under a time frame as I had to take Talia to a birthday party at the bowling alley. There is a bit of deja vue in having little children in the house again. We are looking after our two grandchildren (aged 7 and 3) for just over a week while their parents are holidaying in Hong Kong so Mr B and I need to fit in with each other with training times which requires a bit of tricky juggling sometimes.
This morning we ran from Molonglo over the base of Mt Ainslie anti-clockwise down past the War Memorial across Commonwealth Ave Bridge, through the Wetlands and back to the start. On our return trip we stopped for water and Liz (aka known as Jog or Superwoman) came running up with her 4kg backpack looking very strong and probably already having run about 40km. She is in deep training for the Cradle Mountain 84km which is coming up soon.

Total distance: 22.5km
Time taken: 2:31
Average pace per km: 6:43 (oh dear)
Calories burned: 1,316 (and I didn't stop eating all day!)

Total distance for week: 65km

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  1. Happy hammy this week! Don't forget to book your physio appointment ;)

    You're wrong about Jog. She only ran 35k all-up. Soft, or what? ;)