Monday, January 18, 2010

Hill Repeats on a much cooler evening

The weather was positively cool today. I couldn't believe the huge drop in temperature. It was a lot better for training although there was a bit of wind out there. I arrived in time for the 4.30pm early run and was surprised at the number of early starters tonight - seven of us; usually there are only three or four. We ran 8km and returned to collect the rest of the group starting again at 5.30pm. There was a good turn out for this session and a lot of newbies. We ran a warm-up loop of Parliament House before heading for the southside grassy slope of the roof of PH. It was very plush and spongy. Our goal was to run as many 80m steep hill repeats on 80secs as possible for 30minutes. I managed to run the full 24 but it was tough and I was slow as usual although I didn't get left behind and some people didn't do all the repeats.
Total distance for evening: 16km
Calories burned: 922
After training had finished Bronwyn and Jodie produced chocolate caramello koalas from the Cadbury Factory in Tassie for us all - yummo - what a great way to end a tough session! Thanks girls - mmmmm!

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  1. I'm so glad I didn't cut that session short - Caramello Koalas are the best :)