Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Drills and no reprieve from the heat!

It was another scorcher today. I started it by going to the gym early in the morning before a day at work. I spent about 40mins on upper body strength, abs and stretching.
After work I drove home first and left at 6.45pm thinking it might have cooled down. It still felt really hot so I ran to the furthest part of the oval to find a spot of shade on the flat and measured a 50m and 60m course. I only go 50m for high knees and butt kicks as they are very tough!
It was a 3km gentle run to the start.
3 x strides to start then 1 x 60m strides between each set of 3 of the following:
schoolyard skipping
high skips
flat foot marching
Carioca (left and right)
high knees
butt kicks
I finished with a 3km run home again.
Total distance: 9.2km
Calories burned: 500
And oh, I do wish there was a cold pool or lake to stand in after I finished. It was sooooo hot even at that time.


  1. Hi Strewth,

    I'm Rejane and I live in Toronto, Canada. I just wanted to tell you that I have been reading your blog, and you're an inspiration to me! I'm a runner too, and I ran my first marathon last year. Thank you for such a great blog!

  2. You did well! I find the flat-foot marching a killer too. With a bit of luck we'll get a tropical storm about 6pm this arvo :)