Wednesday, January 18, 2012

13 weeks to Canberra Marathon

We had a great weekend in Sydney. The weather was abysmal with intermittent rain the entire time. However, it held off for most of the sprint triathlon except for the cycle leg when it poured down. As a spectator I was constantly putting my brolly up and taking it down. It was Mr B's best result for a sprint triathlon and he came 2nd in his age group so he was very happy. We caught up with our daughters and had a lovely couple of days. 

I also managed to squeeze in an 8km run with Teddy before we left home bringing my total distance for the week to 70km - slightly under schedule but it's a start.

Week 2 of training
Monday - gym in morning triceps, biceps and abs
Today was a grandma day when I took Miss 9 to the National Museum where they had some great creative activities for 5-12year olds. We also visited other parts of the museum where there are lots of hands-on activities for children. It was lots of fun. Then it was off to speedygeese for another tough session at Parliament House.
We ran our warm up loops and headed for the rose garden where we ran a similar session to last week although this week we had 22 starters which is an excellent number and we were divided into two groups - the very fast group and the rest of us who ran 10 x 440m undulating loops with 200m straight sprints on the grass by the road on 3minutes. It was very hot and I had not eaten wisely during the day so my stomach struggled more than my legs. However, I made it, just! We finished with a painful warm down.
Total distance: 8.4km

Tuesday Group
Margaret and I arrived just a few minutes after everyone had taken off so we decided to run together. We knew where they were heading so we ran from Black Mountain peninsula past the museum and "around the world" before returning the long way. It was a slow, gentle run which suited me just fine after the previous night.
Total distance: 11.5km

This morning I ran first thing before the sun was too hot. The temp reached 33deg later in the day. I ran from home and round Lake Ginninderra and back the long way.
Total distance: 16.5km
Time taken: 1:47
Average pace per km: 6:30
Calories burned: 924


  1. 13 weeks is not long to be ready for the marathon. Better get out to the Cotter on saturday morning, just the 15 mile ( 23 kms, leave out the mountain) would be ideal at this stage of tour preparation. I'm sure Ewen would guide you along at an easy pace. Not enough strength & endurance just running around the lake for the marathon, be brave & adventurous. Walk up the hills, run down, experience vanities Crossing at it's best in summer.

  2. Nah, 28k Acton run this Saturday at 7:00am. Wouldn't it be better to be running on the relatively flat, simulating the marathon, running more rhythmically?

  3. Two Fruits - Would love to join you guys soon but not this weekend as plan is to meet CJ and Liz for coffee after our long run and I need 30km.