Sunday, January 08, 2012

A Tiny Setback

On Thursday morning I walked barefoot straight into the bathroom doorframe - that corner bit where the door closes - and ouch it hurt so much. It turned purple and red during the day and swelled up. I took Teddy for a 6km walk with Jen and baby Daniel delivering Avon books in the afternoon but realised there was no way I could race at track that night. It was disappointing to miss the first track of the season but I was elevating and icing instead. On Friday morning I swam 1km and walked but did not run. I was determined to run a good distance on Saturday.

On Sat I rose at 5am in order to digest my breakfast and headed down to meet up with speedygeoff, Ewen, Andy and Warrick at the ferry terminal for a long run. Everyone ran various distances but the plan for me was to run 22km. We started together but my pace was much slower than the others and although Andy ran the first few kms with me it wasn't long before I was running on my own and regretting that I didn't have my music. It was soooo quiet out there. We ran the West Basin of the lake anti-clockwise and fortunately the boys stopped to wait for me at about the 13km mark so that I knew where to run next! Andy, Ewen and I left Geoff and Warrick to continue on to cover 29km while Ewen ran 15km and Andy and I continued on past the carillon and covered 22km exactly before walking the last 600m back to the ferry terminal to stretch our tired legs.
Total distance: 22km
Time taken: 2hr21mins!
Average pace approx: 6:25 per km
Calories burned: 1235

I was slow but my toe only hurt when I stopped and during the warm up. Today it is aching a bit but that could be because of tiredness due to little sleep with little people staying the night. Mr Five suffers from night terrors and bed swapping resulted in a broken night's sleep. However, I plan to run with Teddy later in the day. We have been blessed with some much needed rain and I won't need to water the tomatoes today:)

First tomato from our garden:)

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  1. Nice tomato! Good to hear the toe stood up to it. Watch out next time Geoff's running with us - if your plan says 28k he's going to get you to run 27 or 29 ;)