Wednesday, January 04, 2012

First BBQ Stakes Handicap for 2012:)

Today's forecast was for another very hot day but as it happened there was lots of cloud cover when we ran the BBQ Stakes and although the temp was over 31deg it didn't feel quite as bad as I expected. First thing in the morning I went for a 1km swim and I think it may have helped as my legs felt ok on the run. I arrived 5seconds before my start time and was still searching for the satellites on my garmin as I ran under the first tunnel. This was only about 300m from the start and finish line so I need to wait for the official times before establishing my exact time. I think it was about 36mins which is not very fast but the heat certainly was a factor. There were not many there today probably due to several people still being on holidays.
Today we ran the course in the opposite direction which happens on the first Wed of the month and means the first half of the run is uphill. It is also a teams event and IP office came across the line first.
Total distance: 6km
It was good to see Bob, Andy, Kerry and Caroline all running well.
Photo taken at NYE party. That's Bob on the right being Cadel Evans!


  1. Starting the morning with 1km swim is perfect!

  2. Amazing. You managed to navigate your way backwards around the BBQ Stakes AND with a non-working Garmin!