Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day and Ewen is my hero!

Gary (Griffin), Carolyne (Flashduck), Norma (Luckylegs), Thea (Aki), Cathy (CJ), Strewth (that's me), speedygeoff and Ewen - what fun times - look at those shoes!! 2005 after the CT Fun Run.

When I was browsing through my old blogs I discovered this photo taken after the CT Fun Run in 2005. I absolutely love it - here we all are in ourCoolrunning gear all those years ago.

Having lost all the background of my blog and having minor panic stations, it is a huge relief that Ewen has managed to rescue the old format and brighten it up with new colours and the correct countdown for the marathon. After track had finished last night we spent an hour and a half poring over the options and trying to fix the problem. No luck! Instead he spent hours this afternoon, with some texting and phone calls between us,  rectifying the problem. Apparently what happened was that I had updated to the new Blogger interface and it did not recognise HTML when we were trying to update the template. Lesson learnt, everything is now sorted and Ewen is back in my good books. Thank you Ewen - you really are very clever:)
Ok, enough praises sung! Now to the blog update.

Wednesday was a full-on day which probably accounts for some of my lethargy today. I started the day at the gym working on triceps, biceps and shoulders but struggling with my wrist pain. I followed this with a Body Balance class going easy on wrist pressure especially in "down dog" movements. 
Then it was home to change into running gear, bring in the Avon which had been delivered and dash off to meet Jen for a short run before BBQ Stakes at Woden. We managed only 2km warm up with her boys cycling on the track with us before heading off for the start. I was too late for my 5:15 start and had to start off at 7minutes instead which was a bit scary. I actually felt ok. The conditions were good, although humid there was cloud cover and I thought I had run faster than I actually did which was a bit disappointing. However, Jen ran a ripper and indeed she managed to win the event with an awesome PB. Running 15secs after her start time didn't phase her one bit!
After the event Jen and I ran another 4km to warm down before I drove home for a quick lunch, unpacked a bit of Avon, then went for another run with Teddy for 5km. Then my first shower for the day - absolute heaven - before driving to the AIS track where I was on roster duty as someone wanted to swap with me. Thank goodness I didn't have to run any races. I doubt if my legs would have worked.
Total distance for day: 17.5km

Thursday - Happy Australia Day
It was lovely not to set the alarm and just wake naturally this morning. I had a banana before going for a run before breakfast. I plugged in my music and headed for the AIS, ran past it and on to Bruce Ridge trails where I found a suitable off-road hill and struggled up it. The plan was to run 10 x 1minute hill repeats and this I did. It was definitely a struggle for the first few but then I got into the swing of it but it still felt great when I finished and headed for home. Oh boy, I was glad to finish this morning!
Total distance: 11km

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