Friday, January 20, 2012

I hear thunder!

There are huge claps of thunder happening outside at the moment and I probably should turn off my computer but I'll take the risk and write this up before bed. 
Track last night was a bit of a disaster! I was there in time to only run a 1km warm up before the 3000m event at 6pm. It was hot, I was slow and the result was a PW for the season.
Distance: 3000m
Time taken: 16:02 - oops not sure what happened there!
The dark clouds hovered overhead and we felt about two drops of rain but nothing further eventuated. The next event was the 3000m walk and Margaret, Ewen and I took part in that too. I always find that feels just as hard as a run and I'm sure the heart rate is just as high! It was a handicapped event and I did quite well - I must have warmed up by then!
Distance of walk: 3000m
Time taken: 21:22
During the 1500m event next I just trotted around the outside of the track to watch some amazing runners recording fantastic results while I slowly logged up a bit more distance.
The last event of the night was the 4 lap spiral handicap, a fun event. My handicap was 28 and I came in near the back of the field. 
Total distance: 1600m plus a little more
Time taken:8:48
Average pace per km: 5:21
We then ran a short cool down to recover from the slow runs.
Total distance for night including warm up: 10km
Friday is my running rest day. As a bit of cross training I swam 1100m at the pool this morning and I only took Teddy for a brisk 3km walk later on this very hot afternoon. 
Tonight at last the much needed rain is pelting down. Fingers crossed that it will rain itself out by early morning when I have a very long run scheduled!


  1. With a few hills comes strength & endurance. I guess by the plan, today was the last chance this year. May be training in 2013, you will get out to the mountains with us. We don't run out there in winter. You would love Vanities at the moment. Forget coffee after a run, it's the place to be. Bucket loads of rain down here overnight.

  2. What happened there was you raced the BBQ stakes the previous day! Only the Jim Whites of this world would attempt two hard races on consecutive days.