Monday, January 09, 2012

A speedy speedygeese session

Teddy and I went for our run yesterday at about 5pm with two detours to the drains for Teddy to hydrate. It was very humid at that time of the day and I was dripping by the time we returned. Teddy ran quite well although he defnitely enjoyed stopping for water. We ran on the lovely spongy grass at the oval for a short time and it felt great on the legs.
Total distance: 8.3km
This morning I squeezed in a gym session before spending the day with my beautiful 9year old grand-daughter. I warmed up for ten minutes on the cross trainer then concentrated on shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs. I really must seek out some wrist support straps as I have a very sore and tender wrist, probably from the weights at some stage.
Later Talia (Miss 9) and I went to Cockington Green miniature village which I haven't visited for some years, then to the cafe for a large bowl of wedges - not exactly healthy eating but fun! 
Later still it was off to the speedygeese session at Parliament House. Oh boy, that was challenging. After the usual warm up we headed for the rose gardens and this week ran 11 x 440m undulating repeats with a 200m sprint on the grassy flat at the top stretch by the road. Each repeat was on 2:45 and I was really happy that I just made each repeat on time and managed the full 11. I don't think I could have gone any faster though!
We had 20 starters at the session tonight - a great turnout including those who had returned from holidays and a few new geese. The temperature was much cooler than last week although it still felt very humid when we were running.
Total distance: 8.8km
And now there are 14 weeks until the Canberra Marathon so out comes the program! Day 1 has been achieved.


  1. Lucky you didn't make the early warm-up or you might have stepped on the pine cone that put Nadine out of action.

    Yes, next Monday when the sprints are on 2:30 you'll need a Tardis!

  2. Good luck for Canberra. Now I follow your journey to the marathon day!