Friday, January 13, 2012

Long Run on a Friday

I needed to run my long distance today instead of tomorrow this week as we are heading off to Sydney in the morning for Mr B to compete in a sprint triathlon at Kurnell where he will have an ocean swim instead of in our murky lake water. 
It was quite difficult backing up after last night's track session but I managed the distance at a slow pace and didn't even have to stop for a nature stop which is unusual for me! I took 'guu' for carb loading which I swallowed at the 13km mark and dissolved a couple of jellybeans in the side of my mouth for a sugar hit during the run. I ran down to Lake Ginninderra from home, round the lake and then back through the tunnel on to NIcholls in Gungahlin where I turned and headed for home. I was glad to finish but it was quite pleasant running on my own listening to a variety of music and letting my thoughts drift. In fact I had drifted far away when I suddenly noticed something slithering on the dry grass beside the path very near my feet and realised it was a long brown snake. I jumped and squealed and came back to the present moment in a big hurry. I'm glad there wasn't a soul around to witness my reaction! I am still not used to snakes as I see them rarely and having grown up in NZ where we don't have snakes it still gives me a big scare when they are that close!
Anyway, there were no more exciting incidents and I arrived home just in time for a quick shower before heading off to meet a friend to celebrate her birthday with a lovely lunch where CJ, Mr B, Jon and I had brekkie yesterday. Mmmm, I appreciated the coffee!
Total distance: 26km
Time taken: 2:48
Average pace per km: 6:28
Calories burned: 1441
Although the speed is very slow at the moment I'm just trying to build up the kilometres. I hope to squeeze in a short run with Teddy before heading off for Sydney in the morning.


  1. Would have liked to have seen that! Browns will chase you too in the mating season. Run in the middle of the path!

    Have a good weekend. SG said that Monday's session will be different (I take that to mean longer recoveries).

  2. You are not slow at all and 26 km is a high mileage.
    Have a good week end.