Thursday, January 12, 2012

Racing against Marty Dent!

Not everybody can say that they have run in the same 3000m track race as Marty Dent. Marty ran the Canberra Marathon in 2hrs 15mins in 2004 among other amazing feats such as winning the Sydney City to Surf in 2004. He also has a PB of 7:59 for 3000m. That's one of the benefits of joint meets at the track when the Veterans combine with ACT Athletics which include some very fast runners indeed! I was the only slow runner among a huge field of competitors and it was a little intimidating to say the least but the amazing thing is I didn't come in last, not quite!
Ewen and I ran round the outside of the track watching the runners in the mile race and other short events warming up at the same time. It was a good way to run 5km before the start of our event.
I felt sluggish and knew I wasn't going to achieve a PB in the race but I treated it as a tempo run as I needed the kms. And there I was in a super fast field. Marty only lapped me twice!!
Distance on track: 3000m
Time taken: 15:35 (Bron beat me by over 3mins and ran a PB of 12:33 - well done Bron!)
Total distance including 5km warm up and 1km cool down = 9km


  1. He lapped me twice too...

    Tonight's run was a season's best for me, my 2nd fastest ever...

  2. Bugger. I was going to jump in and say Bron's run was a season's best. Mine was a season's worst!

    It's good to race with those superstars on the track - that's the only way you can see them fly past as they overtake at a million miles an hour.