Tuesday, January 24, 2012

speedygeese training and Tuesday run

Monday started with a gym session - warm up on the rower of 1 minute slow, 2 minutes fast for 6 minutes followed by 30 pushups on knees. Main session was:
3 sets of chest press with dumbells with 12 reps of 9kg weights alternating with 3 sets of 12 reps of 9kg with dumbell rows.
Dumbell Flys 3 sets of 10 reps with 5kg weights followed immediately by a drop to 10 reps of 3kg weights.
Lateral pulldown - 3 sets of 10reps 30kg
Straight arm pull downs 10 reps
I had problems with the chest press with the barbell which was next on the program. I used to lift 20kg on the barbell comfortably but I have been having problems with my left wrist and when I turn it to hold the barbell or weights at a certain angle it is extremely painful. I've been trying to find wrist supports in the sports shops with no luck so far. It is such a pain (literally) as it's preventing me doing the chin ups in speedygeese training and I'm sure I could do them if my wrist didn't give way - bother!
Next -30 push ups on toes (this also hurts my wrist so I'm limited as to how many I can do unfortunately)
I followed this with 3 sets of calf raises holding 5kg weights and finished the session with abs work - leg extensions, leg raises, scissors and the plank, followed by lots of stretching.

After a 6km walk with Teddy in the afternoon I drove off to Parliament House for the speedygeese session.  There were 18 of us tonight including a couple of new young girls which is always fun. After the warm up loops we headed for the grassy bank in the front of PH on the second section of grass as the first section was being set up for the big Australian Day concert tomorrow night.

We were divided into relay teams of 3 with a rough spread of slow and fast in each group. We took turns to run fast down the diagonals, jog across the straight grass to the opposite side where we were tagged by our next runner before running up the straight to the top again. This continued for 15minutes when we were reorganised into different groups and this time had to run fast down the diagonal and continue up the straight to the top before jogging down to the bottom and back while waiting to be tagged. There was no chance to stop running this time and it was a great workout. At least I'm not sure we were saying that at the time but afterwards it seemed like fun! We finished with a warm down loop.
Total run distance for me: 8.7km

Tuesday group
Today our run was from Black Mountain Peninsula and on to the trails of Black Mountain itself. It was off road, stony, rough, undulating, challenging and fantastic. I ran with Marilyn and although we were averaging 5:50 pace before we reached the trails we slowed right down as we watched our footing especially on the downhills and walked a bit of the rougher stages of uphills. It was a good temperature at that time. We start at 8.30am during the summer months and it's much better than starting at 9.15am when it is often quite hot. This summer has not had many very hot days which is much better for running. We celebrated an 80th birthday and a 74th birthday with champagne and birthday cake later!
Total run distance: 11km

By the middle of the afternoon it felt quite hot. I left it until 5pm before taking Teddy out and we walked a pleasant 5km trying to stick to the shady paths.


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