Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trying out my new shoes!

After some persuasion from Ewen I decided to drive to Stromlo Forest Park to join a group of speedygeese on the lovely spongy green grass there for an 8am start. This meant no sleep-in again but it was a great way to break in my new running shoes. The attending geese (Andrew, Abby, John, Lucia, Thach and Jacob) were all very fast and they ran 3 x 1km sprint intervals with 1km slower between each. I ran a long warm up double loop with Ewen who was kind enough to run at my speed as they (six fast geese and speedycoach) all flew ahead. Speedygeoff, Ewen and I ran a little way as the others ran their fast sprints making sure we were back in time for them to be timed and handicapped accordingly.When they finished their 1km repeats we all ran the large loop as a cool down.
The grass felt great for stretching out my legs after yesterday. In fact Ewen and Geoff ran a couple of loops in bare feet. I was very tempted to do so too but I did want to give my shoes a good test so decided against it, especially as I was wearing Injinji socks (which are like gloves on your feet) and they are quite a hassle to put back on!
I'm glad I ran out there. It was easy to build up the kilometres and I finished the running week with a few extra kilometres in the bank! The temperature wasn't too hot but the wind was a bit strong at times.
Distance for today: 10.8km (I should have run that extra 200m)
Total distance for week: 87.2km (schedule was for 82km - yay)
Later in the afternoon I took Teddy out for a 5km walk in a very strong wind. He was a bit crazy today and was pulling on the lead. I think the wind affected his mood!

Footnote: I'm loving my shoes:)


  1. A high mileage, congrats!
    Before testing my new running shoes I walk with them for a couple of weeks.

  2. ....but you didn't tell us what your new shoes were! Please do!

    Nice workout.

  3. All you need to know LL is that the shoes match the rest of the outfit. And vice versa.

  4. Must look good just in case someone takes your photo. Nice shoe colours.

  5. LL - my shoes are pictured in the previous post. They are bright blue and pink and are Asics DS Trainers 17. I had the previous version in aqua blue and found them very comfortable so just bought the updated version to train for the marathon in them. I am enjoying them. I haven't run a very long run in them yet but found them ok in training last night:)

  6. I prefer the ugly black ones you wore last Saturday.

  7. Whereas I just adore the colourful ones.