Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A very hot run at Tuesday group

Yes, it was a stinker this morning. Marg and I decided to start our run from Black Mountain about 30mins before the others but it was still very hot at 8.45am. Over the summer months the start time is going to be changed to 8.30am which is much more sensible when the temperatures are well over 30deg.
After last night's effort it took a while for my legs to feel good and I ran the first 5km with Marg around the West Basin part of the lake. She turned at 5km and I ran another km further before turning and chasing her. I finally caught up and then ran back to her whenever I got too far ahead which gave me a little more distance. It was very hot but I took water with me today which proved very necessary. It was good to catch up with all the others later and celebrate one of the birthday girls with icy cold champagne!  I use the word "girl" loosely as Pauline was turning 64 but I still feel like a girl at 61 so it's all a matter of perspective:)
Total distance: 13km


  1. Happy New Year! And great to see you back blogging :) I'm soooooooo glad the summer temps have finally arrived. More is better :) Let's catch up for post run coffee soon. Perhaps Sat 14/1??

  2. Love that you still feel young!! 61 is definitely still young!


  3. Yay! Two posts in a row! Go for the record!