Sunday, September 25, 2005

24 September - A tester
Activity: Cycle - 11.30am
Location: To and round Lake G
Distance: 18.9km
Time: 55mins
Comments: Av sp 20.5kph and max sp 35kph. That magpie was out again - I saw him lurking in the shadows and ducked as he swooped down and he MISSED then I sped off and lost him - phew! It was a stunning day - a bit of a wind chill factor but mainly beautiful. I did wear the garmin as I sat outside and logged in my details and found the satellite but it didn't quite agree with my odometer reading and I preferred the odo in this instance! However, at least I know it works for the bike although I really bought it for the running. That was just a test run. Tomorrow is for real!
Sunday 25 September - Vets' Handicap and I wore my Garmin!
Activity: Run - 9am
Location: Deeks Forest, Stromlo
Distance: 8km - distance on Garmin 8.16km
Time: 45:21
Group: 15
Place: 51st
Av Rate per km: 5:33
Calories used: 524
Heartrate Av: 166bpm
Max Heartrate: 191bpm
Comments: A good day for the run - slightly cool and cloudy to start but warmed up quickly. Originally this was a beautiful forest but since the fires it is so barren and open - hard to believe it's the same location. However it wasn't a bad run and I so enjoyed wearing my Garmin (yet to be named, Jen) and hearing it beep, beep, beep at every kilometre. In fact it told me I ran 8.16km instead of 8km. It also told me I ran the first km in 4:44 but I think I slowed down after that. With the help of CJ it is now set up to tell me the time I do each km in future runs. I have a lot of learning yet to do but it will be such fun.
Woo hoo - I downloaded the route!

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  1. Great Map, and it certainly is a learning process.

    My "Forerunner Man" told me the distance was 8.05 km.

    He kindly beeped at each km marker, and after 4km, I didn't take much notice of when he was beeping, as it was uphill running then.