Friday, September 30, 2005

Thursday 29 September - A quick run to alleviate guilt!
This morning I rose very early to go for a run before catching the plane to Sydney for a meeting. Of course the meeting didn't start until 1pm so I planned a detour to the Lindt Cafe and a little retail therapy in the morning. As I knew I was about to over-indulge I decided to run first!

Activity: Run
Distance: 6:03km
Location: Kaleen block
Time: 34:17
Av Rate per km: 5:40
Calories used: 342
AHR: 158bpm MHR: 172bpm
Slowest km: 5:57
Fastest km: 5:13

Comments: When I first left the house it was drizzling lightly and stopped completely for a short while. However on the outward half of the block there was a strong headwind and by the time I reached the slight incline only a few blocks away the rain had started to set in. It wasn't entirely a pleasant run and I arrived home rather damp! However I felt pleased I had done that as I knew I was about to make the most of my free morning in Sydney.
I had a few minutes wait when I booked in at the airport in Canberra so bought a cappuccino. I then walked to a table and my mobile rang so I balanced my briefcase and handbag in one hand and tried to hold the phone and coffee in the other rather unsuccessfully as I dropped and smashed the cup on the ground and all its contents splashed all down my black pants - a great start as I only had five minutes to clean it up with paper serviettes before rushing off to catch the plane. I'm sure I smelt of coffee all day - just as well the pants were black! Of course the plane was delayed 40 minutes on take-off and on the return trip it was delayed another 40mins so it turned out to be a very long day with a 5.30am start and an 11pm finish. I ate a Baileys chocolate truffle, which I bought at the Lindt cafe, before retiring to bed and I was wide awake for some time! I bought Mr B an assortment of Lindt balls and it was necessary to sample the new flavours - absolutely divine! I will be sorry when I step on the scales in the morning!
Friday - A shocker of a day work-wise
Activity: Swim
Distance: 1km
Time: 27:33
Location: Civic Pool
Comments: Met CJ at the pool and went for a swim (wonder I didn't sink with all that chocolate inside me) and brekkie at RBB. Although the day started well it deteriorated the moment I walked in the office door! It was just one of those Fridays when everything went wrong and there were numerous problems to be sorted. I am so looking forward to this long weekend which promises to be warm, sunny and hopefully relaxing. We already have a run with friends and brekkie planned for Sunday and Floriade might be on the cards if the forecast is correct.

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