Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Sunny Spring Sunday and Garmin is named!
Activity: Run
Location: To and round Lake G from home (Kaleen)
Distance: 13:55km
Time: 1:15:02 (75:02)
Av Rate per km: 5:35
Fastest km: 5:17
AHR: 157bpm
MHR: 174bpm
Calories: 787
Today I ran down to Lake Ginninderra, ipod on my arm, garmin on my wrist, to meet CJ, H & T and Mr B at Black Pepper in order to continue round the lake. I didn't feel particularly wonderful, the headphones kept falling from my ear, the music wasn't set up properly as I kept playing slow songs which are not conducive to running fast and my stomach felt decidedly dodgy. In fact by the time I met CJ & Mr B I felt decidedly blah! However, after a short rest I continued round the lake with CJ. Mr B couldn't restrain himself and had to run on ahead to pass H & T who had already had a head start. I was surprised at the end of the run to note that it was actually 2 minutes faster than when I last ran that course. I had to stop for a loo break in the last km and I really didn't feel great so I was pleased that at least the time was ok. CJ has inspired me with a name for garmin - Gandalf. I think that's very apt as I believe it really is a little wizard and I'm certainly hoping that it will perform magic for me! Thanks CJ.

Brekkie at BP was great. We were joined by The Hare, Mrs Hare and Mr CJ as well as a non-running good friend of mine, Andrea. Later Mr B & I followed Andrea home to admire her house extensions which are almost finished - absolutely fabulous. Then we drove to Commonwealth Park to explore floriade. There was a rock & roll band performing and it was very pleasant sitting in the sunshine on this glorious Canberra day listening to the music. In the evening our son & grand-daughter joined us for dinner so it turned out to be a lovely day in spite of the fact that I still feel a bit ordinary!

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  1. See, Gandalf has already performed some magic - you ran that course faster than last time!! ;-))