Thursday, October 27, 2005

Back to it (I think) !

Activity: Run 5.50am
Location: Kaleen block
Distance: 6:04km (says Gandalf)
Time: 33:18
AHR: 161bpm
MHR: 184bpm
Best lap: 5:18kph
Average pace per km: 5:31

Comments: Still not feeling 100% and this was my first run since last Thursday (a whole week). However, in spite of myself I ran a PB by a few seconds so after I recovered from feeling very queasy I felt quite positive about the run which felt pretty ordinary at the time. It's been a pretty ordinary week altogether actually. I've just been feeling totally blah with no energy or motivation and that generally unwell feeling. However yoga last night was great - lots of good stretches including a quite painful calf stretch which I felt early in the run this morning. I felt so much better after the yoga session though. My tummy is still a bit unpredictable and I'm stocking up on Flash Duck's remedy before the Vets' Run on Sunday!

Tonight was ballroom dancing and I'm feeling exceedingly discouraged! We learnt the start of the samba tonight and the modern waltz which was fine until we danced together and had to do all the extra bits with it. I am seriously uncoordinated and I don't think I'm enjoying this dancing business. It definitely doesn't come naturally! We've now learnt (or attempted to learn) the slow rhythm foxtrot, the quickstep, the modern waltz, the evening two step and the start of the samba. I am so confused!

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