Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Longer Run on a Bleak Day

Activity: Run 9am
Location: Lake Burley Griffin
Distance: 15.33km
Time: 1hr 29mins 57secs
AHR: 162bpm
MHR: 179bpm
Av Rate per km: 5:53
Calories: 971
Best km: 5:25

Comments: It was certainly a miserable looking morning with threatening rain which fortunately did not eventuate. Mr B & I met CJ at the Yacht Club and while she ran the whole lake including Kings Avenue Bridge (20km) Mr B & I ran the shorter loop of 16km which measured 15.33km on Gandalf as we lost the satellite for a short distance while running through the trees - yes, there are still a few trees left in the forest! We soon warmed up and it was a good run culminating in an enjoyable coffee and date scones at the Yarralumla Nursery where our friend Jon joined us.


  1. Was your rate only 5.53kph Strewth? Maybe it was a more respectable 5:53 per kilometre?

    The West Basin loop is about 15.5k. When they do the 16k race there's an extra bit into BMP.

  2. Thanks Ewen and oops, yes I did mean 5:53 per km. I'll edit that! Looks like Gandalf was almost accurate with the distance after all.

  3. Last week I included the Nara Peace Park promontory in the West Basin run, which turned out to be about 16km.