Monday, October 10, 2005

A Typical Monday
Due to the bleak windy weather yesterday dragon boat training was cancelled which cleared up the day for me for house cleaning, washing and shopping (oh joy) but I also managed to visit my grand-daughter which is always a special time. The extra training session will be rescheduled for another day. This morning I dragged myself out of bed to start my week.

Activity: Swim 6.30am
Location: Civic Pool
Distance: 1.2km
Time: 26:48 for 1km
Comments: Boy, I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. I had such a dreadful night with an unquenchable thirst and a rotten cold. However, in spite of feeling pretty awful the swim actually went really well and I certainly perked up with yummy hot porridge with dates & almonds and a good cappucino. Ah, I love starting Mondays with that brekkie at RBB.

Activity: Run 5.30pm
Location: Parliament House
Distance: 8.14km
AHR: 137bpm MHR: 212bpm!!
Calories: 505
Time: Approx 50mins (with stops)

Comments: A tough brisk undulating 3km warm-up then another run to the High Court - a new spot for training - on the grass there. It was a little uneven but we ran 12 x 30secs sprints with 60secs slow recovery jog between each then another gentle jog back to Parliament House. It certainly felt like a good work out.
Tomorrow I have a morning cycle planned, a gym visit at lunchtime and a run at North Lyneham after work with CJ. Wonder if I'll manage all that - depends a bit on work and how I feel and whether I ever go to bed tonight!


  1. Changed my mind about working tonight - feeling very tired now that I've showered, eaten, made my lunch, packed my gym bag, fed the cat, cleaned her sand tray....! I'll just have to work doubly hard tomorrow *groan*

  2. GO TO BED RIGHT NOW!! That was a long run tonight. You need sleep.