Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Gandalf has a hissy fit!

Activity: Run 6am
Location: Kaleen block
Distance: 6.05km
Time: 22:20 for 4.04km (see below)
AHR: 158bpm MHR: 180bpm
Av Rate per km: 5:32
Calories: 267

Comments: The readings are probably inaccurate as when I reached the 907m mark Gandalf started chirping consistently - chirp, chirp, chirp - breath - chirp, chirp, chirp - breath etc - no stopping. The distance didn't change and after a km of this I tried everything from switching him right off and on again - back came the chirping, to changing the mode - no luck. In the end the only way to stop him was to reset to zero and start timing again. It was just over the 2km mark as I still ran 4.04km to home. It was a bit frustrating and I have no idea what caused his displeasure. Hope he's better tempered tomorrow morning!
Activity: Swim 7pm
Location: Belconnen Aquatic Centre (CISAC)
Distance: 1km
Time: 26:53
Comments: Met CJ at the pool and went for a good swim. The pool was clean, cool and quite busy but I felt quite comfortable. The best part was the fact that the cafe was still open afterwards and we could enjoy a decaf cappucino which, although slightly bitter, had great froth.
Tomorrow I have a run scheduled for the morning and dancing starts in the evening. Then we're swimming again Friday morning and my first dragon boat training session is after work. Sat a long run, Sun dragon boat and a cycle. Next Wed I start yoga in the evenings - now that will be interesting. I'm not exactly well coordinated so it could indeed be a challenge!


  1. Hi Strewth,

    My sprinting neighbour is a different neighbour, with quite a history! She represented her country at several world championships in her mid twenties, minaly for the 110 meters hurdles I think it was, and immigrated to Australia after she retired from competition. The best thing about her is she's so helpful and very nice, and runs without any goals at all.

    If I see the marathoning neighbour again soon I will tell her hi.

    Heh, elecronic gadgets certainly have their own personalities.

  2. After a few yoga classes you will be sooooo coordinated, we will all be jealous I am sure.