Friday, October 07, 2005

Thursday 6 October - Run and Dance
Activity: Run
Location: Cycle Track towards Gungahlin
Distance: 10:02km
Time: 59:09
AHR: 150bpm
MHR: 163bpm
Rate: 5:54
Calories: 591
Fastest lap: 5:21
Comments: I felt very tired at the start but although it wasn't a fast run I eventually found my rhythm and felt fine. It must have rained overnight as it was very wet underfoot. As I was running through magpie territory and noticed a few of them 'lurking' nearby I picked up a stick to carry. I probably looked a bit strange but I didn't have any problem with swooping!

Activity: Dancing!
Location: Danceway, Belconnen
Comments: Tonight Mr B & I had our first dancing lesson. We learnt the slow rhythm foxtrot, the cha cha cha and the first part of the evening three step. It was fun and we were going ok until the last dance which we had to learn in about 5 minutes flat. Oh boy, talk about uncoordinated! Fortunately they go over the dances we have already learnt next week before teaching us more steps. In the meantime I think we need some practice!
Friday - Another new exercise!
Activity: Swim 6.30am
Distance: 1km
Time: 27:24
Location: Civic Pool
Comments: Met CJ at the pool for a swim where I swam 1km in sets of 5 x 200m after which we had our usual brekkie at RBB - always the best start to the day.
Activity: Dragon Boat training - 5.30pm
Location: Yacht Club
Time: 1 hour
Comments: There were only 9 of us from the Vets' team who turned up for the training on a very bleak cold evening. We combined with a team from Telstra to make up the numbers to fill up the boat. We had a good coach and it was a lot of challenging fun but oh boy, it was cold out there. It became even colder when the rain came down and it took me the entire evening and a very hot shower to warm up afterwards. I had planned an early night but it is now midnight and I've just been watching a movie on the telly. Oh dear, I'm meeting CJ at 9am at the Yacht Club in the morning - hope this rain stops by then!


  1. Well considering your late night last night you didn't do too badly today! It has certainly been a variety of exercise you been doing lately. Did you find anything else when shopping this afternoon?!

  2. Nah - I tried on a top in Sussans but it looked funny. I had a quick look in Jacqui E and saw some things that looked interesting so it looks like a return visit after dragon boating tomorrow - hope it's not as windy and cold in the morning!

  3. Oh that dancing class sounds like fun; not to mention that it's cross training!