Monday, October 03, 2005

A Hill Run at 5pm
Activity: Run
Location: North Lyneham
Distance: 10.73km
Time: 65:36
AHR: 155bpm MHR: 173bpm
Av Rate per km: 6:08
Calories burned: 664

Comments: CJ met me at my house and we ran to North Lyneham and ran the 3.1km loop in an anti-clockwise direction. This is slightly less hilly than the opposite direction and avoids the killer hill but although we were aiming for more downhills guess what you have to do before you can run downhill! As we approached our first steep downhill Mr B joined us from the opposite direction meeting us at the top! We did the loop three times and it was hard work on those hills. I blame my slow average speed on the undulations! We sighted a family of curious kangaroos who waited until we were quite close before they bounded off into the distance. In the last loop CJ sprouted wings and flew away from us! However she waited to run the home stretch together. It was such a beautiful day in Canberra today, more of that Spring sunshine and we managed to fit in our run just before the sun went down below the hills.

1 comment:

  1. Not quite sure it was wings I sprouted but I certainly felt better on that third lap! Have got my cycling clothes out ready for tomorrow morning and Mr CJ has set up my bike for me - all systems go!