Sunday, October 30, 2005

An Aussie Run - Cowpats and Flies!

Activity: Vets' Monthly Handicap Run
Distance: 7:01km
Time: 41:08
Average Pace per km: 5:51
AHR: 165bpm
MHR: 200bpm
Fastest km: 4:57
Calories: 485
Locality: Blewitts Pines - Coppins Crossing

Comments: I woke early in the morning to the sound of rain. At about 7am Mr B said "we won't be running in this will we?" "Ha ha - joke - the vet runners run in all weathers. Rain is not an issue - so out of bed with you!"

As it happened the weather cleared and although bleak it did not rain again and the conditions, although very muddy, were fine apart from the multitude of flies and having to avoid numerous cowpats on the course. The drive to the parking was a bit interesting too. I was waiting for someone to become stuck in the mud as it had obviously rained solidly most of the night. However everyone appeared to plough through it ok although I think there may be a few very muddy cars to wash - mine for one!

Lining up for the toilet queue I managed to miss my group being called and had to start in Group 17 instead of 15 which was a bit unfortunate. I also felt and still feel rather below par - that blah feeling of nausea in my tummy appears to have returned. I think I'm hungry, eat, but then feel worse. I do hope it clears up soon cos it's driving me crazy.

Apart from that it was a good surface but there was one very long hill which never seemed to end. CJ passed me threatening to walk but of course she didn't stop and did a brilliant time. Mr B also passed me from Group 19 and finished 5th place although he's not eligible for points yet - next time!! Later JS, CJ & Mr CJ, H & T, Mr B and I went for coffee at Black Pepper. It was lovely to catch up but I think next time we might try FlashDuck's recommendation of Musica e which is next door. The coffee was nicely presented with reasonable froth today but it was a bit milky and weak for my taste.


  1. Only "very hilly!!"? I think this one is worse than Urambi Hills - it's a real cow of a run.

  2. The drive in also had me worried; I know others are not as fearless as me.

    I was one of the earliest to arrive, and even then, it was very slippery.

    And the last to leave, I could see the vast difference in the track.

    I heard that some didn't negotiate the track in but turned around and parked adjacent to Uriarra Road.