Monday, October 31, 2005

Disorganised Monday!
What a disaster of a day it turned out to be! While unpacking our swimming gear at the pool CJ realised she had forgotten her running bag. "Silly Billy" I said smugly only to discover after work as I half changed for Parliament House that I had no top half packed - no crop top or singlet top. They were still hanging on the rack at home waiting for me to pack at the last minute after drying overnight. Damn! Speedygeoff will think it's a conspiracy. I rushed home just after 5pm nearly gaining a speeding ticket in the vain hope of changing and returning in time for the Parliament House run. No such luck at that time of day. I was home and changed but it was 5.30pm by then and I knew I would never find the group ten or fifteen minutes after the start! So it was a run from home. As it turned out it was probably auspicious that I didn't join the group as I felt absolutely dreadful and ended up only running 9.19km of the planned 10km run.

Activity: Swim 6.30am
Location: Civic Pool
Distance: 100m plus 1km
Time: 27:20 (slow, slow, slow)

Comments: I felt fine and the slow lane had only one other person in it. In fact towards the end I was swimming alone - fantastic. The outdoor pool is now open so the water polo people train outside which clears a bit more space for the indoor pool. It felt a comfortable swim and better than Friday when I took 28mins to swim a km but still slow compared to the rest of the world!

Activity: Run 5.35pm
Location: From home along cycle track towards Gungahlin
Distance: 9.19km
Time: 52:13
Pace per km: 5:41
AHR: 163bpm
MHR: 204bpm
Calories: 537 (something positive here)
Best km: 5:17

Comments: I felt fine at the start apart from sore calf muscles which gradually eased, probably from that nasty hill yesterday but at about the 7km mark I began to feel positively revolting - a return of that nauseous feeling which keeps happening to me. By the 8km mark I was trying to hang on and just after 9km I had to give up and walk the rest of the way home. I felt like I literally could not run any further - not a good feeling at all. I am very cranky that I keep feeling like this and would like to feel 100% again. It's been on and off for over a week now - enough already! I'm not sick enough to stay home from work - just blah enough to be a bit disheartening. I don't like it affecting my running. Yesterday running up that hill I had the same feeling. I'm sure I could have run faster otherwise. Grrrrrrr!

On a brighter note tomorrow is Melbourne Cup Day and there are big plans afoot in the office - should be a fun day. I would have cycled in the morning but my bike is in for servicing - what a shame!

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