Wednesday, November 02, 2005

After over indulging yesterday at our Melbourne Cup celebrations and sleeping like a baby I rose early to start the new day with some nasty killer ab exercises given to me by CJ. I could only manage half them - ouch. They need considerable work. I then lifted some dumbbells on the swiss ball and several other weights exercises for about 45 minutes.
After work I attended a good yoga session with lots of stretches and more practice towards shoulder stands. At lunch time Mr B and I collected my bike from servicing so this weekend the plan is to go for a proper bike ride as there's only a week after that to the Tour de Femme which will be a very slow event for me!


  1. please oh strewthy can you email me CJ's killer abs set? I NEED TO DO THEM! (or maybe you could show me....) But don't tell CJ, with all her great times lately we wouldn't want her head to swell any more...

    forgetting running gear IS subconscious avoidance of training! I know, I even go to races and leave my shoes home.. and realise i didn't want to race anyway.

    seriously, it's good to see you doing so much good work, the odd missed session now won't hurt. and as you might guess, i really appreciate your plans to come to tuesday training

    listening to coldplay on my PC, must go now!

  2. Hmmmm, I was reading what SpeedyGeoff had posted!!!! Those killer ab exercises are great aren't they!

    Wore my new cycling shoes this morning - gosh they look good! I'm sure I cycled better too!