Thursday, November 03, 2005

What a hot day!

Activity: Run 6am
Locality: Kaleen block
Distance: 6.07km (Gandalf varies this every time!)
Time: 33:57
AHR: 159bpm
MHR: 193bpm
Calories: 350
Average pace per km: 5:35

Comments: Phew, suddenly the temperature zoomed today. It was even humid running at 6am. I know it won't last but it happened suddenly all the same. Bit slower than last week but felt a bit sluggish this morning.

Activity: Dancing 7:30pm

Comments: I think finally we are improving. Tonight we managed not to trip over each others feet all night and parts of the evening could actually be called fun! We learnt yet more steps and started learning the Tangoette. Next week we learn the Jive. So now we have been taught the Modern Waltz, the Cha Cha Cha, the Rumba, the Quick Step, the Fox Trot, the Evening Two Step and the start of the Tango - I think that about covers it but it's very confusing. I can never remember which one's which! We certainly did a good work out tonight. It was hot and quite exhausting. We didn't stop for the full hour. Tomorrow morning is swimming and it's Friday - yippee!

Last night I registered for the Tour de Femme so there's no turning back now. I'm a tad worried about it as I haven't cycled at all lately. I think I'm joining HK & CJ for a ride in the weekend - hope I can keep up with them!

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  1. The "Quick Step" sounds like what some runners are supposed to take, so should dancing make you run faster.