Saturday, November 12, 2005

Belconnen Community Festival Run

Activity: Run
Distance: 6km (6:05 according to Gandalf)
Location: From CISAC round Lake Ginninderra
Time: 32:23
AHR: 167bpm
MHR: 206bpm
Calories: 358
Average Pace per km: 5:20
Fastest km: 5:02

Comments: Start was at 10am for a 6km run/walk round Lake Ginninderra finishing opposite Benjamin Way. This run was held in memory of Ben Donohoe who was only 9 when he died of a brain tumour. There were 1,300 competitors and over $7,500 was raised for paediatric brain tumour research. It was a sunny day and a pleasant run. CJ won the female veterans' category and Flash Duck came 2nd - wow - a medal each! Mr B ran it in 27:17 which was a great time. Aki finished in under 30mins which was also fantastic. I think I need to work on my time! Later FD, PRB, CJ & Mr CJ, Aki, Mr B & I had lunch at Musica e. It was very pleasant and great company but sorry FD, I don't agree with you about the coffee - it tasted bitter! The company and the food more than made up for the coffee however!
Later in the afternoon I went to collect my number for the Tour de Femme tomorrow. The "show bag" included a t-shirt, which is very comfortable, a drink bottle and a wrist timing strip which is a bit upmarket! Hmmm, it's all a bit scary!

Activity: Swim with CJ 6.30am
Distance: 1.2km
Location: Civic Pool
Time for 1km: 27:20
Comments: The pool was really busy this morning and there wasn't a "slow" lane so I had to share a side lane with a number of swimmers with interesting styles and a number of breast strokers. However the brekkie later was yummy and Mr B came into town to join us.

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  1. i wanted to thank you for running in the run and walk for fun because i am a close friend of the donohoes and i think its great that you gave up your time to run with all of bens supporters. ben was a brave little boy and i know he is greatful for everyone that particpated, thanky you!