Monday, November 21, 2005

Just another Manic Monday!

Activity: Swim 6.45am
Location: Civic Pool
Distance: 1km
Time: 27:23

Comments: Just a short swim. There was no slow lane so I just swam in a lap swimming lane and there were only two of us in it so it was great. It was a stunning day weather-wise and I think more people chose to swim outdoors which suited me fine. I also started a wee bit later as I knew I wouldn't be sharing breakfast this morning as CJ is swimming with Bilby's on Monday evenings instead so I took cereal from home and just bought a coffee to take with me to work. At least I had an early start in the office. It was a full-on day and looks like being awfully busy for the next couple of weeks. Inbetween interviewing and selecting staff we are writing a tender for our contract for the next three years - very intensive stuff and mentally exhausting.

Photo shows me with Mr B after the Canberra Marathon in April. Next year I hope it will be after the Ultra!!

Activity: Run with speedygeoff's group 5.30pm
Location: Parliament House
Distance: 7:06km
Time: 41:54 approximately
Calories: 421
AHR: 138bpm
MHR: 204bpm
Fastest km: 5:13
Pace: 5:56kph

Comments: Very hot and sunny. Warm up lap of Parliament House in and out the little tracks then one hill loop to show us the course of our hill sprints. We ran 4 x 700m hill sprints with a stop for 3 pushups on the route - did each of these on 5 minutes including a rest then we did a warm down lap of Parliament House and attempted some chin-ups. Some people can do these, some people struggle - I am definitely in the latter category! It was a good session and my calfs were a bit tight walking back down the steps to the car. North Lyneham tomorrow could be interesting! I have to say that running is a good stress release when work threatens to overwhelm me!

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  1. Ouch! Sounds like a hard session - relieved I had swimming instead!