Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yoga night

Today was a lovely sunny day - 27deg - a beauty. This morning I did a few sit ups and weights before going off to brekkie with friends at RBB. It was quite a stressful day at work with a few HR issues I could do without. Such are the joys of being a Manager - not ever easy!
However yoga was wonderful. Our instructor tells us we should concentrate on our breathing and forget the outside world using that 1 1/4 hours as complete self-indulgence. I have to say that, although I find it very difficult to block out all those life happenings, it is a great feeling especially the relaxation at the start and end of the session. Some of the stretches are difficult and some exercises hurt but it feels so good when I achieve them that I only ever feel good afterwards. I am completely hooked!


  1. Yoga sounds lovely Strewth, perfect after such a great day weather-wise.

    I was wondering if you (and CJ) would be wearing your Cool Running Tri Top during the Tour de Femme?

    Love to get together for coffee again sometime!

  2. Well I will wear mine if you both wear yours!!!!