Sunday, November 13, 2005

CJ & FlashDuck studying gadgets!

CJ, Flashduck, Strewth, Mrs Hare (behind) & H

Tour de Femme

Activity: Cycle
Distance: 20km
Time: 48:17
Average sp: 26:30kph
Max sp: 45kph
Calories: 477
Forgot to wear heart rate monitor

Comments: Lovely sunny day. After a wobbly start, when I had trouble finding the pedals, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride with more than 500 women of all shapes, sizes and abilities. It was quite inspirational seeing so many women out there giving it a go. I felt comfortable and didn't even struggle up Hopetoun Circuit today. I just stood up on the pedals and found the hill relatively easy. After the ride I met up with Mr B, CJ, H, The Hare & Mrs Hare, Flashduck & later Flashdrake and we sat on H's picnic rug, drank coffee and waited for the barrel draws and results. It was a lot of fun and very relaxing in the sunshine.

Later in the day Mr B & I went to the Kingston Markets then on to Manuka for a great coffee before coming home to sit in the sun where I spent an hour going through job applications and I even managed to short list them for interview. It was that sort of day - beautiful!


  1. Great photos - I can't even remember you taking that first photo! It was a good day and lots of fun.

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  3. Congratulations on a great ride Strewth! Those photo's are great. Looks like a great day there in my favourite city...

  4. Great pics - looks like it was a lovely day!