Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tuesday Trials
Firstly I have an addendum to Monday's training session at Parliament House as speedygeoff reminded me tonight. How could I possibly forget this bit? After our warm-up lap we had to do as many sit-ups as we could do in 90secs by speedygeoff's watch. I managed 56 and was quite proud of that. Somebody managed 20, someone else 70 so there definitely is a variance there. It was certainly a different way to start the hard stuff!

Tuesday Morning Activity: Cycle 6am
Distance: 18km
Time: 50mins
Location: Cycle track from home to Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club and return
AHR: 120bpm
MHR: 148bpm
Calories: 334
Av speed: 21.3kph
Max sp: 32kph

Comments: Definitely a slow ride. Parts of me were hurting and I discovered later that I had a large red bruise on my inner thigh probably caused by hitting the bike seat when I stopped suddenly on Saturday.

Evening Activity: Run with speedygeoff's group
Location: North Lyneham
Distance: 10:02km
Time: About an hour (with breaks)
AHR: 144bpm
MHR: 218bpm (and I believe that this time!)
Best km: 5:38kph
Calories: 630

Comments: Phew! There I was at North Lyneham with speedygeoff's fast runners - Maria, Griffin, Tony, Colin and speedygeoff of course! Oh boy I knew I could never keep up with them but I also know that if I don't challenge myself I will never improve so here goes nothing! We started with a warm-up lap of that challenging hilly circuit and it was HOT! Then we ran 1500m in a route that included what I call the "killer" hill - worse than last night's hills in my opinion - longer and steeper. Then we ran 1500m again faster. They all waited at the top for me and clapped as I arrived at the end. They're such a great group of runners - all very talented and also very tolerant of this slow coach! I had a great chat to griffin. So many runners have such interesting stories to tell. Griffin - you need a blog! We next ran 4 x 30sec sprints on 90secs which translated means we ran fast for 30secs then jogged back to the start and did it again 3 more times. Gee, that 90secs came round very fast. We finished with the full loop of the course again (3.1km of dusty hills) and this time ran it quite gently and at chatting pace. I ran with speedygeoff who is quite a movie buff and told me about the last three movies he has watched - they sound good too.

So there we have it, two tough running sessions in a row. I came home, ate, showered and changed colour from brown to skin colour again (yes, that course was definitely dusty) and now I'm ready for bed. Work is so stressful at the moment and the run was tough but I am always glad I make the effort. It makes me feel human in spite of myself - an exhausted human I might add!

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  1. Whew - I'm tried just reading about it. I dozed on the couch instead and then booked a short holiday down at merimbula in january!!!!