Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tiring Tuesday

Activity: Cycle 6.15am
Distance: 13.29km
Time: 43:18
Location: Ginninderra Drive repeats
AHR: 119bpm
MHR: 156bpm
Max speed: 42kph
Calories: 241

Comments: Managed to drag Mr B out of bed to join me on an early morning cycle. Cycled to Ginninderra Drive via the cycle track then cycled up the road to Bruce uphill all the way then crossed the road at the AIS, cycled back down the hill (lovely) then did it again doing 3 repeats in all then cycled on Ginninderra Drive to meet up with the cycle track and cycled home via the track from the AIS and through the Kaleen streets. On the third repeat I tried to cycle the uphill in a tougher gear but gee, it was hard work!

Activity: Run 5.30pm
Location: North Lyneham hills
Distance: 8.55km
Calories: 535
AHR: 154bpm
MHR: 211bpm
Fastest km: 5:35

Comments: Back to those tough hills. Fortunately there had been so much rain last night and this softened the ground a little. As a road is going part of the way through there a lot of road works had been taking place since CJ and I last ran North Lyneham. We didn't spot a single kangaroo tonight, unlike last time.We ran the entire loop of 3.1km then ran a 1km sprint, 1km easier then 1km sprint again which took us up the killer hill. I was lagging a bit and on the first sprint I was following Tony who kept going up another very steep hill (wrong move). It was so tough to follow that by the killer hill a km later - ouch! Mr B & I were going to attend the social dancing class tonight as extra practice but when I arrived home he was nowhere to be seen. He turned up a while later having had a puncture on his bike and he had just walked home. He was tired, I was stuffed and although I did shower and dress in the appropriate clothes we decided not to go on to dancing tonight. I was not at all sorry. I'm so tired. In fact I'm nodding off as I write this! Tomorrow morning I have brekkie so it will be an easy day with only yoga in the evening.
Not sure if anyone out there can help me but I'm having trouble downloading blogger maps all of a sudden. I haven't been able to download one for ages and it's most frustrating. Am I doing something wrong? It used to work!

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