Saturday, November 05, 2005

Sunshine and Good Company

Activity: Cycle 7.20am
Location: Tour de Femme Course
Distance: 21:23km (odometer reading)
Time: 59minutes
AHR: 127bpm
MHR: 216bpm
Av speed: 21.5kph
Max speed: 42kph
Calories: 401

Comments: Turned out to be a lovely sunny day but started a little cloudy early in the morning. NH collected me and my bike and we met up with CJ, H & T at the yacht club where we rode the Tour de Femme Course in training for next Sunday. The start is on a hill but it was mostly ok and very social although towards the end there was a nasty uphill on Hopetoun Circuit - ouch, I had forgotten about cycling hills! I felt comfortable most of the time and H and I discussed CJ's amazing calf muscles as we rode behind her. They're certainly impressive as are her stunning new bike shoes! My brakes are very tight which is a bit scary on the downhills but I managed ok considering my lack of training. We had to avoid lots of little pieces of glass and other rubbish on the road shoulders which was a bit annoying. There was a surprising amount of traffic for so early in the morning. After our ride we drove to The Deck for a coffee and a bite to eat. We were also given some disgusting water which had obviously been left in the fridge too long and had a nasty taste. We warned them about it before they subjected other customers to their water. It was definitely undrinkable. However, the company was great as is the outlook up there overlooking the lake and it was a most enjoyable morning.
Tomorrow in the morning I'll go for a run and hopefully it will be another lovely sunny day.

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